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The Archers

BBC Radio – The Archers Omnibus Podcast Catch Up Service


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The Archers Omnibus Podcast

Welcome to my Archers Omnibus Podcast back-up service. If like me, you are a keen follower of this long running series that tracks the adventures of a farming community in a fictitious village called Ambridge, then you will also be equally upset when you miss your omnibus ‘fix’!

The BBC only keep the omnibus for four weeks, which is useful but not if you are trying to catch up on episodes that have been deleted! Also age plays havoc with the memory and forgetting to download the Omnibus Podcast is another good reason to like this service.

Over the years I have amassed all the Omnibus Podcasts since they started in November 2009, and I regularly update this site so that you never have to miss an episode again!… well at least as long as I keep going 🙂


If you would like to save the file to your computer and play it at your convenience then follow this…

  • Hover over the date of the podcast.
  • Right mouse click to see the options.
  • Chose “Save target as…” or “Save link as…” (not available on iPads etc).
  • Chose a place on your computer to store the file.

This could take several minutes depending on the download speed of your line.

If you would just like to listen to the episode now but do not wish to keep it for the future then follow this…

  • Hover over the date of the podcast and click.
  • A new page will open but it may or may not be a blank page, however you should see your router lights flashing and a spinning icon to the left of the page tab title showing that it is downloading.

Give it time (several minutes to download, longer if you have slow broadband) and the episode should start playing automatically.

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