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The Archers 2013

BBC Radio – The Archers Omnibus Podcast Catch Up Service
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PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS SERVICE it has become very popular and some people have been downloading lots of podcasts which results in Dropbox closing down the site for a few days due to over use! If it happens too many time this service will be banned by Dropbox and that will be that! I am happy for you to download 1 or 2 episodes per week but don’t get greedy or you will spoil it for everyone else! Thanks.


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Alice has the New Year blues, and things begin to add up for Ed….
There’s a new arrival at Blossom Hill Cottage and Paul makes an unexpected suggestion….
Rob receives the third degree and Brenda is on tenterhooks….
Lilian is in trouble, and Vicky is overcome with emotion….


Emma is in the doghouse, and Christopher’s suspicions are aroused….
Peggy is lost for words, and there’s a fleeting meeting for Lilian and Paul….
Clarrie plays peacemaker, and there’s a Valentine’s Day surprise….
There’s heartbreak for Lynda, and Alice is on a covert operation….


There’s a tense atmosphere in the village shop. Meanwhile Brenda feels harassed….
Shula acts quickly, and Alice is frantic with worry…. Christopher Carter - Accident
Alice faces an anxious wait and Tom hears some home truths….
David is angry. And will Tom’s arguments win the day?….
Elona is desperately worried. Meanwhile Pip receives a wake-up call….


Brenda feels under pressure and Elizabeth is taken by surprise….
Tom keeps himself busy. Meanwhile, there’s good news for Eddie and Clarrie….
Roy and Hayley come up trumps and Pip makes her excuses to David…. Neil Carter - Shot
Lilian takes a risk. Meanwhile, David lays down the law….


Josh has a proposition and Matt receives some interesting information….
Kirsty’s in cheering up mode and Helen tells all….
Matt’s got a lot on his mind and Jazzer loses his rag….
Helen takes it on the chin and Elona makes a decision….


Matt’s pulling the strings and Tom comes to the rescue….
Brian turns a bit frosty and Lynda pricks Jim’s conscience…. Paul dies unexpectedly
Jazzer’s got some good news and Helen has an unexpected invitation….
Helen goes kite flying, and Matt demands his pound of flesh….
Clarrie’s a woman on a mission and Jazzer’s trying to keep a low profile….


Lilian rejects an idea out of hand and Emma gives George something else to think about….
Find out what’s happening to Lilian and Matt in a brand new Ambridge Extra…. Ambridge Extra!
Emma feels sidelined and Rob’s on his best behaviour….
Matt’s in wealthy company, and has a proposition for Brenda…. Ambridge Extra!
Lilian hears an unpalatable truth and Helen’s in positive mood….
Brenda’s decided she’s got nothing to lose, and Matt thinks he’s on to a winner…. Ambridge Extra!
Fallon enjoys a gossip and Helen lends a sympathetic ear….
Things are getting out of control for Matt, while Brenda’s in seventh heaven…. Ambridge Extra!


Things are looking up for Lilian and Tony speaks his mind…
Matt’s hopes are shattered, and Brenda begins to wonder…. Ambridge Extra!
It’s Brian to the rescue and things at the golf club aren’t all they seem…
Matt’s still in St Petersburg and Lilian’s getting worried…. Ambridge Extra!
Oliver comes up with a solution and Kathy can’t put work behind her….
Matt is doggedly following his lead, while Brenda is discovering the truth…. Ambridge Extra!
Jennifer’s concerned and Helen’s weaving a tangled web….
Matt makes a date with Tatyana, while Brenda feels sidelined…. Ambridge Extra!


There’s a hiccup in Brian’s schedule and Alan makes a grand gesture….
Lilian makes a bad mistake, and Dmitry is trying to prove his love…. Ambridge Extra!
Ray starts as he means to go on and Kirsty tells it like it is….
Matt is in serious danger, and Lilian tries to face down the enemy…. Ambridge Extra!
Alan is concerned and Tony loses his temper….
Matt paints a rosy picture and Lynda breaks the bad news….
Brenda’s catching up and Kathy’s been pushed too far….


Elizabeth looks forward and it’s Emma to the rescue….
Joe’s a bit more cheery and Rob gets an important telephone call….
It’s party night for Susan. Meanwhile Ed feels demoralised….
Tom becomes suspicious. Meanwhile Ed and Mike wait for an update….


Darrell is caught red-handed, and there are visitors at The Bull….
Caroline receives an important letter, and Lynda mulls things over….
Kirsty faces a dilemma. Meanwhile Lynda refuses to be deterred….
Kirsty faces an ordeal and Brian is trying to keep a big secret….


Helen feels confused and Ed makes a terrible mistake….
Clarrie wants to heal the rift. Meanwhile, Alistair leads a frantic search….
Shula struggles with her emotions. Meanwhile Jennifer and Jess begin to bond….
Leonie is feeling lonely. Meanwhile Jennifer tries to help….
Helen has high hopes, and there is Christmas joy at Ambridge View….
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