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The Archers 2014

BBC Radio – The Archers Omnibus Podcast Catch Up Service
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PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS SERVICE it has become very popular and some people have been downloading lots of podcasts which results in Dropbox closing down the site for a few days due to over use! If it happens too many time this service will be banned by Dropbox and that will be that! I am happy for you to download 1 or 2 episodes per week but don’t get greedy or you will spoil it for everyone else! Thanks.


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There’s a midnight surprise in Ambridge. Meanwhile Peggy receives a troubling phone call…. Jack Wooley Dies
Susan has the New Year blues. Meanwhile Pat can’t believe her ears…. David Troughton takes over from Colin Skipp playing Tony Archer
Pat has her suspicions. Meanwhile Susan strikes it lucky….
Peggy makes an announcement and Ed feels guilty….


Peggy is taken aback, and there is a late-night phone call at Brookfield….
Clarrie fears the future. Meanwhile Helen makes a fresh start….
Kirsty faces a difficult choice, and Kenton ups his game….
Clarrie is making mischief and there’s a crisis at The Bull….


Rob has a cunning plan and Jill makes herself at home….
Jennifer reaches the end of her tether and Alan mobilises the village….
Neil offers some unsolicited advice, and tensions rise at Blossom Hill Cottage….
It is a moment of truth for Ruth, and there’s a very special visitor to Ambridge…. Guest Appearance by Sir Bradly Wiggins
Fallon sees red, and will Ian and Rob bury the hatchet?….


David tries to help Ruth, and Dan drops a bombshell….
Dan’s having fun, and Shula needs some advice….
Adam has a surprise visitor, and Shula tries to persuade Dan….
Helen and Alice come to the rescue…. Tom Archer pulls out of his wedding to Kirsty


Tony confronts Peggy. Meanwhile, Jazzer and Roy make a discovery….
Dan’s off to Sandhurst, and PC Burns steps up….
Eddie treats Clarrie, and Bridge Farm in inspected….
Challenging times at Bridge Farm, and David and Ruth have some questions….


Peggy finds out about Tom, and Ambridge rallies to the cause….
David is seeking support. Meanwhile Pat reaches out….
Pat and Tony look to the future, and David speaks his mind….
Peggy has a difficult day. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is converted….
Elizabeth wakes up to festival life, and David is determined….


Tony plays on Neil’s good nature, and Jennifer lets rip…
Pat hears some alarming news, and Freddie sees something he shouldn’t….
Tony’s feeling guilty. Roy’s got a challenge for Elizabeth. Helen’s on tenterhooks….
Hayley asks some difficult questions, and there’s a funeral at St Stephens….


There’s a special guest at the village fete, and Charlie lays it on the line….
Susan is getting desperate, and Elizabeth tackles Freddie….
There’s bad news for Loxfest, and Mike can’t believe what Vicky’s saying….
Loxfest has a PR disaster. Meanwhile David’s feeling the strain….
At Loxfest, there’s good news and bad. Meanwhile, Jennifer gets a surprise….


Freddie tells it like it is. And who’s come calling?….
Hayley has something to say, and there’s an unexpected visitor at Bridge Farm….
Fallon makes a decision. Meanwhile, things are difficult for Roy….
Tony’s got plans for Johnny, and Hayley speaks her mind….


Charlie is charming, and Ruth makes a suggestion….
David and Ruth are out of their comfort zone, and Jill has a confession to make….
Phoebe’s on the move, and Adam discovers the truth….
Jill is concerned about Elizabeth, and Roy goes a step too far….


Jennifer’s got surprising plans, and there’s big news for Brookfield….
There’s no turning back for David, and Charlie’s got something to say to Adam….
It’s Peggy’s 90th birthday, and Brian makes a surprising offer.
Peggy is courageous, and Charlie drops a bombshell.
David and Ruth have a big decision to make, and a weight is lifted from Helen’s shoulders.


David has news for Brian, and Emma has a question….
Gossip is spreading about Brookfield, and Pat is exhausted….
Gossip is spreading about Brookfield, and Pat is exhausted (sic)….
There’s Christmas joy at No. 1 The Green, and Jill has a quiet word with David….
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