For Sale Adran Beal Jaguar Series 3 E-type Jaguar MG-TF 1500cc Rental Flats for rent

Putting private buyers in touch with private owners who may consider an offer!

This website is all about taking a very different and much more profitable approach to buying and selling classic cars. It came about due the the frustrations experienced when I was looking to buy my E-type Jaguar. Like everyone else, I was looking for a good car at a good price and these were few and far between, and when I finally found one it was sold!

I was frustrated by being restricted to only the cars that I saw advertised. What I really wanted was a way to approach owners directly and just tell them that I was in the market in case they were considering selling. That way I would have jumped the queue and bought before the car had even been advertised!

Another difficulty is that for most of us non-experts it would be mad to commit to buying a car before having it checked out by a professional, which is of course quite expensive and time consuming. And time is one thing you don’t have if the car is a really good one, because it could be sold to the next person who looks at it!

This site aims to give you, the buyer, the security of a FREE 3 month warranty on your purchase if the price band of the car is £20k or more, and also to give you plenty of time to find a really nice car because you are getting access to cars that aren’t being advertised! Once you find a car then you are strongly advised to have a detailed independent inspection by a specialist despite having the support of our free 3 month warranty provided that the car is has a band price of £20k or more. Please note that the car will need to be inspected before the warranty is issued, and this free inspection can be done at your home address, or elsewhere if more convenient. We will need to contact the seller for confirmation of the sale before arranging the warranty.

Be aware should a seller suggest knocking something off if you accept the car without the warranty, such talk should sound alarm bells, especially as you are entitled to this warranty WHAT EVER THE FINAL AGREED PRICE. Clearly there is likely to be a hidden agenda and you would be well advised to walk away.

So why would a classic car owner, who is not advertising their car be interested in parking it in our virtual showroom? Simple really, we all know that the WORST TIME to sell a car is when you have to, and a dealer will offer a lot less than the car is worth, or is likely to charge about 20% commission for selling it. The BEST TIME is when there is no hurry and someone is keen to buy. Consequently all these owners are happy to enjoy their lovely car whist remaining open minded to potential buyers. They wouldn’t have put their car on our website unless they were prepared to consider offers.

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope that you will tell your friends about us, after all it’s such a good way to buy and sell a classic car!

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