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002 Contact Adrian

Return   Sadly I get a lot of spam emails which I can’t stop so instead of using a convenient contact form I now have to ask you to copy this email address and replace the at and dot with at and dot symbols and then send me an email… TheArchers at adrianbeal dot com …

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Benefiting Fans and Charities alike...

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I put my time and money into creating this website for just 2 reasons... Firstly so that YOU, the Archer's fans can enjoy listening to all of the storylines since the podcasts began, and secondly, so that a few good causes can benefit from your generosity via a donation to their charities.


I am asking you to donate £10 or more to one of the charities in exchange for receiving this year's password. I appreciate that means digging deep into your pockets, but I believe that not only do the podcasts bring pleasure, but there is also pleasure knowing that you are helping someone else. ALL OF YOUR MONEY goes to the charity and is paid through the JustGiving portal, nothing is paid to me but I do get a great deal of pleasure knowing that I am bringing some happiness to fans and charities alike.


Remember... Your donation brings others HAPPINESS!   Happiness