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Please note that you MUST make your donation via a link to the charity from my website in order that I can verify it. This also allows me to monitor how much the website has raised for charity.

If you have requested a password or made a donation and NOT received your password then please check in your SPAM folder before emailing me. I will reply to your email but if it goes into your junk folder then you will never know that I have!

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Over the years I have regularly had to increase the amount that I pay for bandwidth as more podcasts are added and more people use the site. It is for this reason that I have decided to reduce the traffic by asking people to support charities in order to acquire a password to access the podcasts.

As none of the donations go towards the running costs of this website I do not propose to increase my expenditure on additional bandwidth. Once the monthly bandwidth is exceeded the website automatically shuts down and can not be accessed until the start of the following month when new bandwidth is added. By donating to charity this does not mean that you will always have access to my website as I do not know if the monthly bandwidth will be used up by greedy people, or indeed when the time will come that I can not continue running this service.

Most of the time there is enough bandwidth to last the whole of the month but I would appeal to users to be mindful about other peoples enjoyment of this service by not abusing the system. Downloading lots of podcasts may crash the website for the remainder of the month and deprive others from using it sensibly. In both March and April the bandwidth ran out despite me increasing it.

I will keep your email address on my computer, iPhone and iPad and because I am not a business I don’t have any special security other than what is standard on these devices. I DO NOT sell or pass on customer information to any people or companies and will only hold your email (and any other details you give me) so that I can contact you if necessary. I respect people’s privacy and will continue to do so. If you are unhappy with this arrangement please let me know so that I can delete your information and I would ask you not to use my website.

Making a donation does not entitle you to any privileges or rights to my website and you are not buying the password or any services. I simply chose to share my password and podcasts with like minded people who wish to support the charities on my site.

Please remember that this is not a business.