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This log shows in detail every journey that my Series 1 E-type Jaguar has made since I took ownership and is here to provide a "living history" for the benefit of future owners.
September 2021

- Start Mileage 40,242

It has been one of the best Septembers that I can remember Which goes a long way to making up for the rubbish summer but we have had.

Georgie and I set off to one of our favourite spot on the downs for a picnic and then a drive out into the countryside. As I sat munching on my prawn sandwich a chap came up and asked if I was the owner of that fabulous red E-Type. I said that I was, and then he told me how it was his favourite car and could he take some photos. I suggested that he may like to sit in the car with his lovely little dog whilst I took a photo. We got talking and it was nice to see him smiling as sadly he was up there with his Family to scatter his sister-in-law’s ashes. He told me that his name was Julian and his faithful friend is Huckleburry.

Julian & Huckleburry in HKN860D

After lunch we gave our friends Mel & Greg a call to see if they were around and if so then could we drop in for a cup of tea. Fortunately they were, so off we set to Barcombe Mills where we were greeted warmly, and where I took this photo. They are a lovely couple and I always enjoy chatting to Greg as he has a wicked sense of humour and is far from PC… Just like me!

When we left there the Sun is going down and there was a distinct chill in the air so we wanted to get home as quickly as possible. I know the lights on and E-type are not very Effective, but I was sure that they should have been better than they were, Which is not surprising as they weren’t working at all! It was lucky that the full beam was working so I just had to dazzle oncoming cars but at least they could see me.

Mel & Greg

We got home, I put the car away and we both agreed that we had had a very nice day.

End Mileage 40,298 (56 miles)

August 2021

- Start Mileage 40,205

I left my yellow S3 in the new garage that I recently purchased as it is only 5 minutes walk from home, so Georgie drove me up to my brother's to collect the S1. It was a nice day so I decided to take the car for a spin on my own.

I navigated by the sun and just looked for roads that I hadn't driven before. Some of these were very narrow, particularly around Penhurst but fortunately I didn't meet any other cars!

I love driving this car either at 15 mph in third gear along country lanes or flat out on fast roads. It's simply a joy to drive.

End Mileage 40,242 (37 miles)


- Start Mileage 40,200

Today started out cloudy and a bit mizerable but by 11am things had completely changed and the sun had come out, so we made the decission to take the yellow Series 3 out as it has been sitting in my brother's garage since November and I haven't even started it!

I drove over in this car just in case the S3 wouldn't start, but it was no trouble at all so I swapped the cars over and left this in the garage.

End Mileage 40,205 (5 miles)


- Start Mileage 40,154

Today gave me another opportunity to use the E-type. My brother and his family invited Georgie and me up to their house in Maresfield for lunch. The first thing we had to do was fill up the car... FUEL: Tesco Service Station 40,158 – 60.37 lts £80.23 (224 miles, 13.28 gallons, 16.87 mpg)

We had some drops of rain on the way up but not bad enought to raise the hood. Once there the heavy clouds cleared and the sun came out so we were able to spend all our time in the garden. Actually it wasn't just the sun that came out because food seemed to appear right throughout the afternoon and into the early evening!

I played football with little Richard (soon to be 10yrs old), tennis and golf! He is getting so good at sports and is a chip off his father's block! It was great fun but he has far too much energy for me!

We all enjoyed ourselves very much and didn't get away until almost 7pm so we had to forget about taking any nice scenic routes home and just returned the way we came.

End Mileage 40,200 (46 miles)


- Start Mileage 40,025

We have some friends, Chris and Louisa, who also live in Bolsover Road and who also own an E-type Jaguar!

Chris, Louisa & Georgina

Chris has wanted for sometime to go out in our E types, so we decided that today we should go to the Spread Eagle Hotel in Midhurst where Chris used to work almost 50 years ago!

Chris lead the way and as suspected took us along the more traditional roads. We had hoped for a lovely hot summers day but today was not to be. Unfortunately it was very changeable and halfway there we got caught in a deluge. This meant that we had to pull over and put our hood up which I’ve hardly ever done, Chris however can never have his hood down because Luisa won’t allow it!

We had a lovely lunch at the hotel before setting off back to Eastbourne. I told Chris that I had planned a lovely scenic route home, but he wasn’t best pleased. He’s not very keen on doing country lanes and having to squeeze past oncoming cars. Fortunately Louisa was very keen to take The scenic route so the matter was decided and off we set.

Fortunately the weather, although iffy, stayed dry and the hood down, but not so for Chris whos roof stayed firmly up! We took some lovely little roads through beautiful countryside and as it turned out, this proved very successful for both Chris and Louisa who loved the journey home. It would now seem that more journies are highly likely!

The car went brilliantly and for the first time I achieved over 200 miles on a tank of fuel. I shall soon be able to calculate the mpg.

All in all we had a lovely time but I’m not too happy about having to clean the car again!

End Mileage 40,154 (129 miles)

July 2021

- Start Mileage 40,008

We had hoped to go for a decent run in the car today but the weather has been so unsettled recently that we didn't want to take a risk and so decided to take the car up around Beachy Head and Birling Gap to the National Trust walk Crowlink Lane, Friston for a picnic.

HKN860D Crowlink Lane, Friston

As it turned out, it was quite sunny although the wind did it's best to keep us wrapped up and we had to tuck our chairs into the flint wall for protection. That said, we enjoyed the best part of an hour having lunch and looking at the views.

I realised that this location would be a great place to take a photo of the car, which I did, and I may well take some photos here of my yellow S3 E-type on another occassion.

End Mileage 40,025 (16 miles)


- Start Mileage 39,935

The sun was out and just begging me to take the car for a spin. Georgie was up in London so I gave my good friend Colin a call to see if he fancied a spot of lunch at the Vinyard in Lamberhust and a ride in my E-type. He didn't take much persuading!

The car is driving very well and I let it rip on a few occassions to clear out the cobwebs! Colin loved being in it and is now talking about possibly buying a classic car for him and his partner Marie, but somehow I doubt it will ever happen!

We enjoyed a decent burger and pint at the pub, made better still by Colin insisting on paying! and then set off for home via Bells Yew Green. The journey was uneventful but a lot of fun.

Poppies at Willingdon Golf Club

Once I had dropped Colin off at his house I was very short on time to get to Willingdon Golf Club for my tee off time so I grabed my clubs and trolly and stuck them into the car and went to the club in the E-type. I got a prime parking spot and several members spotted me including the club secretary who gave me some stick!

The 'wild garden' which is an area between 8th and 17th tees is dedicated to a departed lady player, and is looking at its very best right now!

I played quite well so the whole day proved most enjoyable!

End Mileage 40,009 (74 miles)


- Start Mileage 39,880

It was a lovely day today which was a little surprising as it has been another disapointing summer with too few really good days to enjoy the car.

We didn't have much of a plan so started by driving around Beachy Head and over to Seaford as some friends had told me that the beach was nice. I don't think that we thought that it was particularly good as it is very open plan, but I could see the attraction.

Next we headed up through Kingstone to Lewes and I have to say that I hadn't really appreciated some of the lovely old buildings that they have there. My good friend Nick Wood has recently purchased the big rusty coloured house on the river.

Nick Wood's House Lewes

From there we went through Glynde where we stopped to watch the local team take on Laughton. The opposition had put on a decent score but it looked like Glynde was goint to take the game, but I couldn't stay long as Georgie is not really into watching cricket and I have no idea who won.

We took the winding road back home and were very pleased that we had got out in the car. FUEL: Tesco Service Station 39,933 – 54.69 lts

End Mileage 39,935 (55 miles)


- Start Mileage 39,812

We haven’t used the car for a while so decided to take it out even though eastbourne was smothered with low cloud as it has been for a few days this week. Our hope was that inland the Sun would be shining!

Initially our plan was to go to Sheffield Park, but as usual time had rushed by and we weren’t going to get there until closing time. So Plan B was to drop in and see an old friend near Uckfield. I haven’t seen Judy since before the first lockdown or her new home. Fortunately a quick phone call secured our visit and a promise of plenty of tea and biscuits and even a glass of wine!

Visibility over Beachy head was low and it didn’t take long before I had to put my jumper on. It’s slowly cleared as we got up to Alfriston where we were greeted with a long traffic delay due to the substantial roadworks on the A272 at Drusilla‘s roundabout.

Harveys Lane was closed so we had to take a big detour down and around Ringmer, but driving this lovely car is such a pleasure said it really didn’t matter. As we got up to Judy‘s home in Newick we were again stuck in traffic due to an accident in the High Street where two cars lay badly damaged.

Having overstayed our visit to Judy‘s, time was getting on and a dash back to Eastbourne was necessary as I wasn’t sure that my headlights were working! I did actually stop to check, and yes they were fine but obviously have considerably less power than a modern car.

The car ran impeccably and the outing had been great fun.

End Mileage 39,880 (68 miles)

June 2021

- Start Mileage 39,726

What a glorious day! Georgie and I had planned to drive out to Polesden Lacey today, but as usual we had a late start and after running into heavy traffic at Polegate we had to abandon that plan and go to plan B! OK, so we didn't really have a plan B, but thinking quickly on the hoof, we diverted towards Battle and decided to drive up to Tenterden and just explore the roads around there.

Georgie by car at Bodium Castle

We had packed a picknic along with a couple of chairs and a table so needed somewhere to stop, and as we were near Bodium Castle, it seemed an obvious choice. We didn't go into the Castle but just parked at the end of a field and set up our table and chairs there. It was a hot day but with the shade of the trees it made for a very pleasant stop.

Whilst we were there a chap and his wife drove up in their new Jaguar XKR to admire my car. We spent some time flattering each other about the other's motor, and after a good bit of puffing up, we set off home.

I took this photo of Georgie having a picknic lunch next to the car...

FUEL: Trinity Service Station 39,730

End Mileage 39,812 (86 miles)


- Start Mileage 39,654

I had a dentist appointment today in Tunbridge Wells so in order not to be late I had to take a direct route. My dentist, Peter Newman – Brown, is also a friend, and is himself into classic cars. He had been keen to see my new E-type so was delighted when I turned up on it. After my treatment he came out into the car park to admire the car and was full of praise for it, but despite this he didn’t see fit to reduce my bill!

The weather was pleasant so my journey home was via a longer route which took me through Burwash and Breitling and then down to Pevensey Bay and back home.

It was lovely to take the car out and it is going very well indeed

End Mileage 39,726 (72 miles)


- Start Mileage 39,604

Yesterday I went to start the car but it only fired on 5 cylinders. I warmed up the engine and took it around the block hoping that it would clear itself, but no such luck. In the end I had to call Melvin who kindly volunteered to come out in the early evening from St Leonards to have a look at it.

He took the plugs out and they looked quite fouled so a simple job of replacing them with new seemed to do the trick. He told me to keep an eye on the condition of the plugs as the car may need some tuning.

Fortunately today was another lovely day so we decided to give the car a good run. Initially we were going to go off to Polesden Lacey which is a National Trust house, but in the end we decided just to go more locally. There was no master plan but I wanted a little bit of dual carage way to clear the engine so we ended up at Punnett's Town and taking the road via Ashburnham Place home. As you can see, I made a little mistake with the route and had to make a U turn!

On the way home we stopped off at the Lamb Inn in Wartling but the landlord told us that they were shut. Last year was hopeless for them as the road had been closed in the summer, and what with two Covid lockdowns, he had decided not to carry on losing money and was just doing B&B.

As we left the pub and motorcyclist stopped to admire my car. He said that this was his wife's favourite car so I offered to take a photo of him in it. He was trilled and said that it would make his wife's day!

End Mileage 39,654 (50 miles)

May 2021

- Start Mileage 39,582

Georgie dropped me off at Just Historic Cars in St Leonards today to collect my E-type. Fortunately the weather was dry but it was still very cold. Fortunately I haven't missed the car because we have had such a cold and windy winter. No snow, and almost no frost, but just a lot of wind and misserable weather.

Whilst I was at the garage I saw this lovely Jaguar XK150 being rebuilt. The owner bought it in for some work and one thing led to another and soon a minor expense turned into a major expense! A very common situation which always leaves the owner out of pocket but the new custodian and very nice motor that is fit to go on for many more years.

XK150 at Just Historic Cars

The journey was uneventful other than I received a warning letter from the police a few weeks later to say that I had been caught doing 38 in a 30 speed limit by a residents' speed watch group which went straight into the bin!

I have discovered that the rear of the car will break away very easily when pulling swiftly out of a T juction causing the car to "fish tail" down the road. I will try and find somewhere off road where I can paractice this safely so that I am more prepared.

FUEL: Trinity Service Station 39,603

End Mileage 39,604 (22 miles)

Note: 07/05/21 - 61 unaccounted miles whilst the car was away for several weeks at Just Classic Cars' workshop in St Leonards. The bill was £2,226.83 See Invoice

March 2021

- Start Mileage 39,489

It was a lovely day today but still petty cold at 9 degrees. Nevertheless I couldn't resist taking the car out so I set off towards Pevensey Bay with a view to pootling along Rickney Lane and enjoying the views. I wasn't really sure when I would go but as you can see from the map I did 32 miles.

Life is beginging to get back to normal. We are still not supposed to be going out for joy rides but the lockdown is very relaxed and Boris Johnson, our PM has set out a plan to get us back to normal by the end of this month. I can't wait to start golf again!

The last year has felt like a wasted year, but for me in my 60's and retired, it has been a breeze compared to so many young folk who have lost their jobs and even livelyhoods. Our leasure businesses have been devastated and Eastbourne has many hotels, all of which must be really suffering. Only 2 of my close freinds caught COVID-19 and strangely enough, Colin was badly hit and very close to going into hospital, whilst his partner Marie had very little problems.

End Mileage 39,521 (32 miles)

Note: 11/03/21 - The car was collected this morning by Melvin who has taken it back to their workshop in St Leonards to do the following work... Rev counter sticking; adjust engine timing and mixture; rebuild seat to stop the back pusing up against the hood frame; fit new inertia seat belts; make indicator switch more positive; ease rear boot puller to ensure ease of use; adjust driver side heater lever; replace petrol tank gasket to stop leak; adjust new side mirrors; carry out a general health check of the car to ensure that everything is working properly and determine any future work.

January 2021

- Start Mileage 39,487

I didn't record this journey because it wasn't a proper run out in the car. I simply needed to pop up to the Meads shops so decided to take the E-type.

I almost decided not to even mention the fact, but seeing that I have been so pedantic about recording all the trips in my classic cars over the years, I simply felt compelled to incude this one...


End Mileage 39,489 (2 miles)

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