E-type Jaguar
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December 2020

Map 24/12/20 - Start Mileage 39,471

It was definitely a cold day today, around 6°, but I needed to go up to my Brother's house to put the yellow E-type on charge and to cover it up with blankets for the winter. As the roads were dry I decided to take this E-type just for the fun of it.

My brother was watching the Brexit deal unfold on the TV so I had a cup of tea with him and a piece of chocolate roulade whilst we discussed the 'deal'. He is a 'remainer' and I am a 'leaver' so we can never agree on Brexit issues, but it doesn’t cause us any problems.

After leaving him I drove back a slightly longer way which gave me a chance to open up the car on a duel carriageway. It really is a lot of fun to drive!

End Mileage 39,487 (16 miles)


Map 23/12/20 - Start Mileage 39,464

It doesn't take long before the bills start coming in when you own an E-type! After filling up with fuel and parking the car, I found the next day that the garage smelled very strongly of petrol. I looked under the car and couldn't see anything so took no action. The following day when I went in, the smell of petrol was overpowering! I immediately opened the windows and doors to get some fresh air in and when I took the wooden floor up in the boot I could see the petrol seeping down the tank from the gasket where the filling pipe runs into it.

That wasn't the only problem; the car also had a flat tyre and when I went to put air into it I found it rushing out of a split in the valve where it leaves the rim of the wheel. Fortunately by fixing a plastic tie around the valve and through the wheel spokes I could bring the valve nearer to the wheel, thus pinching the split and allowing the tyre to remain inflated.

Today I had two main tasks. Firstly to syphon out some petrol so that it would stop leaking and I was fortunate that my Audi could accommodate the two buckets of fuel that I removed. The second task was to take the car down to Elite Tyres to have the valve replaced. It was a horrible day but fortunately it had stopped raining and the sun came out, although the roads were very wet with big puddles. When I got to the garage and they saw the car, I was treated like Royalty! One of the chaps took some photos to show his Dad... or so he said!

Whilst the garage worked on the wheel the sky went dark and the rain returned so I quite expected to have to put the roof up (which I never do because it spoils the lines of the car!). Fortunately the rain passed just as they finished, so I drove back with the top down.

By now the car was very wet and dirty so I had to clean it before putting it away, which on its own was a challenge as the sky were very threatening and I needed to be finished before the rain came again. I almost made it but was forced to reverse the car into the garage as the rain started to fall heavily wetting both me and the interior of the car!

I have made a list of the little jobs that I need doing, including fixing the fuel leak, getting the indicator arm to work and fitting inertia seat belts. I gave Melvin a call and he will collect the car mid to late January to get the work done.

End Mileage 39,471 (7 miles)


Map 19/12/20 - Start Mileage 39,443

It was a sunny day today so Georgie and I simply couldn't resist taking the E-type out! Despite it being a little chilly, and the roads still damp which would mean cleaning the car, we decided to do our first loop of Beachy Head.

The first stop was to take it up to Colin and Marie's to show off! They loved the car and I think Marie wants to marry me! Due to COVID rules we could only stand outside and keep our distance, but it was good to see them.

Then off we went around Beachy Head to enjoy the spectacular views albeit that the low sun made driving quite difficult and there seemed to be a slight haze in the air.

As we drove back into Eastbourne we decided to pop around to my golfing buddy Keith to show him the car but he wasn't in so I dropped Georgie at home and then went to the petrol station FUEL: Trinity Service Station 39,463 – First fill up. and look forward to seeing how many miles per gallon this car will do compared to my Series 3.

As I was filling up a young lady and her toddler were admiring the car so I let her son sit in it whilst Mum took some photos. As this was happening another young couple passed by and started talking to me about the car. His father was in the middle of doing up his Series 1 which he had had for over 30 years. It’s amazing how many people want to chat to you about the car... but then again, it is a head turner!

After putting the car away Gerogie and I had a big smile on our faces as we had really enjoyed our first little outing in the fantastic car.

End Mileage 39,464 (21 miles)


Map 15/12/20 - Start Mileage 39,433

I have wanted a Series 1 for a long time, and finally today I own one! I bought this wonderful E-type from Grahame Bull at Camberley Marine and Sports Cars Ltd at Fleet GU51 2RT. I have to say that Grahame was absolutely fantastic to deal with. He went through this car with a fine toothcomb and fixed anything I needed without cost or complaint. Throughout our dealing he seemed genuinely keen that I get a great car at a great price... and he delivered in spades!

HKN860D Jaguar World Magazine

The car is currently on the front page of December 20's Jaguar World and they have done a 3 page spread on it which is rather nice. It was delivered on the back of a trailer to my brother's house in Stone Cross so I left my primrose yellow E-type snug in his garage and drove this beautiful car back to my garage in Eastbourne.

The weather wasn't great but fortunately it wasn't raining either but the roads were damp, which is typical for this time of the year. I took an indirect route just because I couldn’t resist a little run as my first drive out. The car is certainly more cramped than the Series 3 and I can't think that anyone much over 6 feet tall would be able to drive the car comfortably for long, although the car itself drove faultlessly. The gearbox, clutch and engine are superb and I am really looking forward to many years of enjoyment!

When I got back to the flat I called Georgie out to have a look. She absolutely fell in love with it. The red is a particularly lovely colour for the Series 1 and the overall condition of the car is very good. In fact Georgie was so impressed she wanted me to take her around the block before I garaged the car, so that's what we did for our first outing together!

End Mileage 39,443 (10 miles)