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Welcome to Candice's special place on my web site. I shall refer to my sister as Candice simply because that is the name that we have known her by since she changed it from her brith name of Candy a good may years ago. However, to complicate things a little further, she changed her name from Candice Kerr to Kandyce Kerrell only a few months before she passed away.

By what ever name we knew her, she is still the same "one and only" wonderful woman that we all loved, and whom we shall miss.

I celebrate her life and draw comfort from knowing that she is now where she always felt she belonged.

Kandyce Kerrell also known as Candy Beal (up to her late teens), Candy Fulks (first husband, early 20's), Candy Baker (second husband, late 20's), Kandice Kerr (third husband mid 30's), Kandyce Kerrell (mid 50's). She mainly lived in Berkhamsted, Eastbourne, London and India.

Candice lost her second baby to a cot death but left behind her eldest son Garry Baker and her youngest son Timothy Carr.

Adrian (eldest brother)

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27th March 1955 to 20th June 2012