Honouring Her Spirit
27th March 1955 to 20th June 2012

Welcome to Candice’s special place on my web site. I shall refer to my sister as Candice simply because that is the name that we have known her by since she changed it from her birth name of Candy a good many years ago. However, to complicate things a little further, she changed her name from Candice Kerr to Kandice Kerrell only a few months before she passed away.

Candy was born on the 27th March 1955 in Charring, Kent but we soon moved to Edinburgh for a couple of years before settling at 7 South Park Gardens in Berkhamsted from about 1959 to 1964 up until the arrival of our brother Ashley in Aril of that year. We moved, more or less on his birthday to a larger house, “Chatterbox” Doctors Commons Road in Berkhamsted where we stayed until moving to Eastbourne in 1970.

I can’t remember when she requested us to call her Candice but it was probably when she was in her mid teens, and that was the name we all used from then on.

By what ever name you knew her, she is still the same “one and only” wonderful woman that we all loved, and whom we miss.

I celebrate her life and draw comfort from knowing that she is now where she always felt she belonged.

Adrian xx