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My Series 3 Jaguar E-type OTS (Roadster) Journeys in 2018
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This log shows in detail every journey that my Series 3 E-type Jaguar has made since I took ownership and is here to provide a "living history" for the benefit of future owners. Mapping is provided by Google Maps.


13/10/18 - Start Mileage 83,205


I cleaned the car today and as Georgie was busy I thought that I would take it for a quick spin just to dry it! I didn’t go far as you can see, but never-the-less it was very enjoyable and sadly I doubt if I will get many more opportunities this year.

FUEL: Trinity Place Service Station 83,206 £83 67.6 lts (180 miles, 14.87 gallons, 12.10 mpg)

End Mileage 83,220 (15 miles)

10/10/18 - Start Mileage 83,136


Even though we are now into October the weather continues to be fantastic so Georgie and I decided to go off to Sheffield Park for a look at the Autumn colours. As expected they were wonderful, and I took these photos there…

End Mileage 83,205 (69 miles)

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26/09/18 - Start Mileage 83,079


I forgot to set my satnav and only realised when we got up onto Beachy Head, hence the gap on the map, but no great loss!

Georgie and I just wanted to enjoy the car on yet another excellent summer’s day so headed over to Birling Gap and up through Newhaven to Lewes and looped around Golden Cross Wartling and Pevensey.

We diverted to Sovereign Harbour to look at a new development going up on the roundabout but it looked very disappointing, although we never expected anything more.

Georgie and I are looking for somewhere buy but there is no rush as it would have to be very special to beat Chatsworth Gardens.

End Mileage 83,136 (57 miles)

01/09/18 - Start Mileage 83,026


Another wonderful summer’s day so Georgie and I decided to go and have tea and cake at our favourite tea shop, Bradness Gallery in Spithurst and as always we were not disappointed! The drive over there was very pleasant all-be-it uneventful and so was the drive back but as a whole we had a very enjoyable few hours.

End Mileage 83,079 (53 miles)

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JULY 2018

22/07/18 - Start Mileage 82,965


Yet another beautiful day in this wonderful summer of ours, and far too good to miss the opportunity of another spin in the E-type!

The road over Beachy Head gave uninterrupted views across the downs of bleached and parched fields longing for water, but golden grass and hot weather is certainly my choice!

En route we stopped for a pint and some shade. Our first choice was the Yew Tree Inn in Chalvington but it was heaving and we couldn’t find a parking space so we continued homeward until we came to another pub called the Yew Tree Inn which is where I took this photo. Try and find where I stood to take it.

FUEL: Pevensey Service Station 83,026 £83 61.53 lts (172 miles, 16.25 gallons, 10.6 mpg)

When we got home we sat outside in the South West corner of Chatsworth Gardens for an early dinner with my father, and it is from this spot that I typed these words using my iPhone.

End Mileage 83,026 (61 Miles)

01/07/18 - Start Mileage 82,938


Yet another hot sunny summers day! Our friends, Des & Phyllis invited Georgina and I over to Alfriston for a BBQ at their house, along with the others in our ‘The Dorset Crowd’ but sadly Mike and Elain had to cry off on the day so it was just Des, Phyllis, Dave, Lisa, Georgina and I.

We parked the car in their driveway and walked to a lovely house just up the road from Deans Place where they were hosting a charity fund raising event by opening their gardens, which are reputed to have cost them 1 million pounds and have been featured on TV and in various magazines! I spoke to the owner Geoff who told me he was a public sector landlord and that they had had the gardens built in the few years that they have owned the property. We were there for about an hour and then walked back to Des & Phyllis’s house to enjoy a wonder BBQ on their recently built and rather amazing patio.

We left Alfriston at about 5:30pm and drove back via Seaford and East Dean where we stopped to watch a few overs of uninspired cricket before driving over Beachy Head and back home.

End Mileage 82,965 (27 miles)

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JUNE 2018

30/06/18 - Start Mileage 82,897


It has been another glorious day part of which Georgina and I spent on the beach. However at about 6pm we thought that it would be nice to go off in the E-type for a drink over at the Ram Inn in Firle. The pub was busy so we took our drinks over to the cricket ground and watched the end of a match in which Firle won convincingly. After that we strolled around the boundary and then headed back home in the car, but being such a lovely evening we took the long way home via Glyne, Ripe and Eastbourne town centre.

End Mileage 82,938 (41 miles)

25/06/18 - Start Mileage 82,843


We have been having some wonderful weather recently so Georgie and I invited my father to come to Uckfield for an early dinner in the garden with Sheila who lives a few doors away. I drove down on my motorbike and collected Dad in the E-type. FUEL: Old Town Service Station 82,846 £91.00 71.14 lts (234 miles, 15.65 gallons, 14.95 mpg)

I wanted to take him the long country route to enjoy the scenery but when we got to Georgie’s he confessed to Sheila that the journey was ‘purgatory’! I’m not sure that describing a ride in an E-type as purgatory is anything less than sacrilege! OK so he is 93 years old and it was a struggle to get him in and out of the car, but surely ‘death’ is a price worth paying for the privilege 🙂 Anyway I took him the fast way back but at a slow speed…. eeekkk!

Dinner was lovely and so was the ride (both ways) in the car. It brings so much fun and happiness!

End Mileage 82,897 (54 miles)

22/06/18 - Start Mileage 82,836


I had to take the car in to have two new front tyres fitted. I bought innertubes but found that the wheels are tubeless so ended up giving the garage the tubes! I wanted to go for a run after the tyres had been fitted but because I had some shopping, including frozen food which I bought across the road at Tesco I had to go straight home!

End Mileage 82,843 (7 miles)

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MAY 2018

27/05/18 - Start Mileage 82,764


Georgina and I arranged to go out to lunch with our friends John and Rossi Prescot who also live in Chatsworth Gardens. They have a lovely new BMW M3 convertible so we decided to drive out to The Vineyard at Lamberhurst. It was a fabulous day with the sun beating down but unfortunately my desire to take them through country lanes meant that poor Georgie had to struggle with Google Maps as we drove along which resulted in us taking some wrong turns and making us late for the pub where we had a table booked.

We had a very nice lunch at the pub in the company of lovely people and it was decided that Georgie would go back with John in the BMW and Rosi would keep me company in the E-type. There is a stretch of road just outside of Battle at Ashburnham Place where I like to give the E-type its head provided it is safe to do so, and we had a bit of fun blasting down the straight which Rosi seemed to thoroughly enjoy!

End Mileage 82,836 (72 miles)

25/05/18 - Start Mileage 82,734


I took my car for an MOT today in Hailsham and it sailed through with just an advisory that I am going to need two new tyres on the front shortly. Rather than just returning home I decided that as it was a nice day that I would go the long way! As you can see from the map I took a couple of wrong turns but that aside it was a lovely drive. I also dropped into my friend Colin’s house for tea and biscuits before returning home.

End Mileage 82,764 (30 miles)

06/05/18 - Start Mileage 82,734


This bank holiday weekend has been amazing. The April weather this year has been up and down like a yoyo but fortunately we are back into a hot spell. It is Magnificent Motors weekend in Eastbourne but our group failed to book in time so couldn’t get in. Instead we decided to meet up at Scolfes Tea Room, Boreham Street, Hailsham BN27 4SF and from there a group of about 14 of us set out in our various cars to the White Dog Inn at Euhurst Green. After a pint we went and had our picknic on the green. The run chosen by Chris was excellent and included lots of countryside lanes, but equally good was the ‘social’ at the pub and green where we spent a very enjoyable couple of hours. Quite honestly we simply could not picked a more perfect day and all the cars performed immaculately!

We went our own way home from the green and Georgina and I had a ‘burst’ at Ashburnham as you can see in this short video…

End Mileage 82,734 (71 miles)

01/05/18 - Start Mileage 82,620


My lovely daughter Lucy-Ann came to stay with me for a week as it is her 30th birthday on the 7th May so we went for a quick spin in the car before going around to see my father.

We were blessed with good weather so did a lovely trip around Birling Gap, up through Chalvington, Golden Cross, Herstmonceux, Wartling, Pevensey Bay and home. It was the first time that Lucy-Ann had been in this car so she really enjoyed it, and so did I!

End Mileage 82,663 (42 miles)

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12/02/18 - Start Mileage 82,601


It was a beautiful cold day today so I decided to clean the E-type after its last outing when it got quite dirty. Once cleaned I decided to take her for a run to make sure all was working well… it did! No problems and it was a delight to get the old girl out again after quite a long time. The journey was just over Beachey Head and then down to the Exceat river, turn around and back home via a detour through Eastbourne town.

End Mileage 82,620 (19 miles)

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