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My Series 3 Jaguar E-type OTS (Roadster) Journeys in 2017
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This log shows in detail every journey that my Series 3 E-type Jaguar has made since I took ownership and is here to provide a "living history" for the benefit of future owners. Mapping is provided by Google Maps.


28/11/17 - Start Mileage 82,495


It was a very cold day today but I wanted to go E-type UK Ltd at The Duck House Barn, North Frith Farm, Ashes Lane, Hadlow, Kent TN11 9QU to have a look at a Series 1 they have up for sale. I took my friend Colin but warned him that I wasn’t going to put the roof up and that it was going to be a cold run! We set off in reasonable weather but found the country roads still quite wet and muddy so my lovely clean car was soon getting dirty. We had a nice run up there and I left Colin in my car whilst I took the S1 for a spin. The first thing I noticed is how cramped it was compared to the S3, and whist I have always hankered over a Series 1, I can certainly see the benefits of the S3. In the end I didn’t feel that it was worth spending the extra money on this particular car especially as British Racing Green is not my favourite colour.

We set off home but by now it was getting really cold and we were also running into a little drizzel so my car was now well and truly dirty! We stopped off for something to eat and drink in a nice little restaurant in Battle where we warmed up by the fire.

By the time we got home we were both pleased to arrive although it had been a lovely ride out.

End Mileage 82,601 (106 miles)

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17/09/17 - Start Mileage 82,490

I cleaned the car so it was sparkling but by the time I got around to taking it out the clouds had gathered and were looking ominous. I had only got to the top of Beachy Head when the rain started to fall quite heavily and I had the roof down so it was a quick turn around and a dash back home!

End Mileage 82,495 (5 miles)

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27/08/17 - Start Mileage 82,358


It was a lovely day today so Georgina and I decided to go to the National Trust property Ightham Mote up near Sevenoaks and take the E-type. We wanted to enjoy a long drive in the car so went via country roads where possible. It was a lovely journey through East Sussex through Isfield and the Ashdown Forrest and Chiddingstone Causeway in Kent and then up to Ivy Hatch and Ightam Mote whose origins date back to 1340-1360.

On the way home I stopped for fuel at Boship and must have turned off my satnav accidentally but my route home was straight down the A22, through Old Town and onto my garage. Boship Service Station 82,479 63.08lts (185 miles, 13.875 gallons, 13.3 mpg)

End Mileage 82,490 (132 miles)

20/08/17 - Start Mileage 82,317


We had been invited around for lunch with Tony and Carol so wanted to take the E-type as it was a nice trip and they haven’t seen it despite having heard all about it from Georgina! It was a lovely lunch with a couple of other guests but halfway though I spotted that it had started to rain and the roof was down! Fortunately it was a very light rain so the interior was not very wet. By the time we set off for home it was dark and very wet with dirty country roads so the car was a bit of a mess by the time we reached my garage!

End Mileage 82,358 (41 miles)

06/08/17 - Start Mileage 82,295


I took the E-type back home to Eastbourne this morning as Mark did not feel up to borrowing it. Fortunately the weather has been kind so we are going out in the MG this afternoon to a local car show which means that my journey in the E-type was only functional so it was straight trip back to my garage.

End Mileage 82,317 (22 miles)

05/08/17 - Start Mileage 82,294

I just popped up the road to fill the car up ready for Mark who is coming over for lunch today with Stephanie his wife. Unfortunately the weather is very changeable and we have already had about 3 showers this morning!

I washed the car so that it would look lovely when Mark came down but sadly he and Stephanie had to pull out as he was not feeling at all well. Poor chap.

Uckfield Service Station 82,294 62.89lts £74.71 (235 miles, 13.83 gallons, 16.99 mpg)

End Mileage 82,295 (1 mile)

04/08/17 - Start Mileage 82,271


Nothing exciting in terms of this trip which was simply to get the car to Georgina’s ready for Mark & Stephanie’s visit tomorrow. I have insured Mark on the car so that he can borrow the car for a weekend or two to enjoy with his lovely wife. Mark’s going through a tough time with his health and I just want him to have a bit of fun.

End Mileage 82,294 (23 miles)

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JULY 2017

04/07/17 - Start Mileage 82,245


I collected my E-type today from Sussex Sports Cars in Lewes today after having quite a lot of work done to the car. I had a new aluminium radiator fitted, replacement of the front suspension bushes, the rear axle dropped to recondition the hand break mechanism and replace/service the rear breaks. I also had new door locks and handles and a couple of other things done.

It wasn’t a brilliant day but I returned home the scenic route including a meander along the Seaford seafront and a wizz around Birling Gap.

End Mileage 82,271 (26 miles)

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JUNE 2017

08/06/17 - Start Mileage 82,215


Not the nicest of days but fortunately it wasn’t raining as I had to take my E-type over to Lewes and leave it with Sussex Sports Cars so that they can do some work on it. I had to catch the train home.

End Mileage 82,236 (21 miles)

04/06/17 - Start Mileage 82,127


It was a lovely day so Georgie and I decided that a trip out to Sissinghurst would be nice. Georgie has been complaining that she hasn’t been in the Jag for ages! We had a nice run out there but came across 2 road closures which was very unusual, hence a slightly odd route! Sissinghurst was lovely and I took these photos…

On the way back we had a slightly dodgy incident. I was going around a left hand bend on a country road when I came across a car reversing out of a drive right across the road. I hit the breaks and locked up making one hell of a racket from 4 squealing tyres! The car started to drift but I was fully under control and there was no risk of not stopping so I didn’t release the breaks as I was enjoying giving the other chap the scare of his life! There was no real danger but it was a really stupid thing for him to do because plenty of people would have hit him. I got a lot of waving and apologies so no harm done. Other than than the trip was uneventful but great fun as always. We stopped for fuel at Pevensey. Pevensey Service Station 82,207 53.55lts £62.06 (148 miles, 11.78 gallons, 12.56 mpg)

End Mileage 82,215 (88 miles)

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MAY 2017

27/05/17 - Start Mileage 82,113


Collected my car from Willow Farm where the car sailed through its MOT and Geoff has hopefully sorted out the break problem.

End Mileage 82,127 (14 miles)

Note: Mileage whist car was away being repaired : 82,093 to 82,113 = 20 miles unaccounted.

23/05/17 - Start Mileage 82,077


I had to take the car up to Geoff at Taylor Automotive Engineering for it’s MOT and also because the breaks were sticking again!

End Mileage 82,093 (16 miles)

05/05/17 - Start Mileage 82,025


Not the nicest of days but I had to get over to Lewes to try and get my door lock fixed. They managed to get it going but have advised that I get new locks so I have sent an email to SNG Barratt and am awaiting a reply.

On my journey over there the blessed breaks started to bind on again! I had that problem last summer and had a new master cylinder but it appears to be playing up again. Whilst I was at Gerry’s garage I said that I would take my MG-TF over there for him to do the engine and gearbox work… these cars are getting expensive!

Boship Service Station 82,059 62.06lts £80 (253 miles, 13.65 gallons, 18.5 mpg)

End Mileage 82,077 (52 miles)

04/05/17 - Start Mileage 82,018


Gerry Wadman at Sussex Sports Cars was unable to find a buyer for my E-type so we can’t do the deal on his Series 1, which is still being worked on. Whilst I would have loved to own a S1 I still love my car so was very please to be finally having her back with me.

I went to Lewes only to be told it was at Hankham so they took me over to where it was being garaged. Unfortunately the driver’s door lock is not working so I am going to have to take the car over to Lewes tomorrow!

End Mileage 82,025 (7 miles)

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Note: The lost miles. 81,807 to 82,018 (211 miles). These miles were not recorded whilst the car was in the care of Gerry but I know that it traveled up and down from the London Classic Car Show at Excel.

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22/02/17 - Start Mileage 81,804

I had an unexpected phone call this morning from Gerry Wadman at Sussex Sports Cars who asked if he could collect my car and take it up to The London Classic Car Show today as he has a stand there and thought that my car would attract lots of attention.

We are talking about doing a deal with a 1966 S1 that he has so I went off and filled the car up then collected Gerry from Eastbourne railway station and waved goodby to him as I watch him take my lovely E-type to London!

Old Town Filling Station 81,806 25.02lts £30 (55 miles, 5.5 gallons, 9.99 mpg)

End Mileage 81,807(3 miles)

18/02/17 - Start Mileage 81,772


It was a nice day today so Georgina and I decided that it would be nice to go out for a spin in the E-type. Options are limited when you live by the sea so we just headed out along the seafront towards Pevensey but instead of going up Wartling Road we detoured onto Rickney Lane which takes on very narrow country roads which I enjoy. We crawled through the countryside up to the main road Herstmonceaux and then went over to see my lovely friends Mike and Shawen who have just bought a second bungalow in there estate and are doing it up. We spend an hour or so with them before driving home.

End Mileage 81,804 (32 miles)

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